28 November 2023

Association pour l’Intermédiation de Données: because trust, transparency and security in data transactions require guarantees

During the event “Plateformes d’intermédiation de la donnée : de l’expérimentation à l’industrialisation” (Data intermediation platforms: from experimentation to industrialization) organized in november by the Banque des Territoires, Agdatahub, APIDAE, Dawex, Hub One DataTrust, Orange Business and Prometheus-X announced the creation of the Association pour l’Intermédiation de Données (AID), as founding members. Banque des Territoires will also join the association as an associate member.

A strong ambition and balanced representation of all players

As indicated by the European Commission in its Data Governance Act (DGA), the economic and societal potential of data is enormous. It can help develop new products and services based on new technologies, contribute to economic development and the attractiveness of regions, enable more efficient management of public services, and provide tools for tackling societal and environmental challenges. However, there is still considerable room for progress, due to a lack of trust, transparency and security when it comes to sharing, exchanging, reusing and collecting data.

That’s why, as the professional association for players in the data intermediation business in France (a regulated activity under the terms of the Data Governance Act), the AID association aims to contribute fully to consultations upstream of public policies promoting data transactions within a system based on trust, transparency and security.

To this end, the association is organized around 4 colleges of members:

  • data intermediation service providers, including Agdatahub and Hub One DataTrust,
  • operators using data intermediation services (data holders and/or users), including APIDAE and Orange Business,
  • the technological providers necessary to operate the data intermediation platforms, with Dawex and Orange Business,
  • associate members, with Banque des Territoires.

A clear vision of the role of data intermediation in value chains

The action plan drawn up by the various colleges is designed to lay the foundations for the long-term organization of the association’s work. At the heart of this work is an observatory of best practices for the benefit of all members.

Our shared aim is to develop trust, transparency and security in data transactions, based on strong guarantees,” explains Sébastien Picardat, Chairman of AID and Managing Director of Agdatahub. “Far from starting from a blank sheet of paper, we are building on the best practices already in place in each of the association’s members, to share them, and even strengthen and improve them where possible.

Initially, this work will focus on 3 areas, drawing on expertise from outside the association:

  • Legal: to arrive at a shared reading between the State, regulators and professionals on the conditions of application of the DGA regulation and the SREN law for data intermediation as well as data holders/users, in liaison with the Direction Générale des Entreprises of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance and ARCEP.
  • Economic: to document possible business models for data intermediaries and data holders/users in the context of data spaces.
  • Technical: to identify the formats and interoperability work being carried out in the various data spaces, to organize the follow-up of this work and associated best practices, and to invest in those of greatest interest to the association’s members, in conjunction with the expertise of the Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC), Gaia-X and the Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT).

In addition to exchanges between members, AID intends to lay the foundations for a dialogue with all professional players in data intermediation at European level, with a view to promoting the construction of a single European data market.

This future dialogue, which we hope to conduct with sister associations from other European countries, seems to us necessary to guarantee a strong voice for community players in the face of a constantly evolving world. In fact, AID’s vision of data intermediation is based first and foremost on the ethical use of data through the expression of informed authorizations by each of the players involved,” concludes Sébastien Picardat.