Who Are We ?

As an association of professional players in the data intermediation business in France and Europe – regulated under the terms of the Data Governance Act-, AID aims to make a full contribution to public policies promoting the free circulation of data within the European Union by positioning itself from the outset of projects.


Created in November 2023, AID’s purpose is to:

  • Bring together into a single association, organizations whose related to data intermediation.
  • Define strategy and contribute to policy choices for activities relating to intermediation and data spaces.
  • Represent the professions in France, Europe and worldwide, and to intervene whenever necessary authorities, in particular public authorities and regulatory authorities.
  • Undertake and support all actions designed to promote the Association’s activities.
  • Communicate, promote and develop the roles and and functions of intermediaries and data in the various economic sectors.
  • Strengthen the bonds of confraternity that unite members of the profession working in different economic sectors.

The governance

AID’s governance is based first and foremost on its General Assembly. Through the voting rights of its members, this assembly is empowered to carry out the association’s objectives and activities.

The Board

Elected by the General Assembly, the Board of Administration elects an Executive Committee from among its members. It composed of

A Chairman

It is chosen alternately from the college of data intermediation service providers and the college of users of data intermediation services.

A vice-chairman

Statutory the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Digital Uses

A Treasurer

in charge of the annual accounts

The Board
of Administration

Its role: to take all decisions relating to the governance of the Association and to arbitrate proposals arising from the work of the Digital Uses Commission.


representing data intermediation service providers


representing data users / holders

Two Censors

representing technology partners

One Censor

representing Associate Members


Digital Practices Committee

Its role: to propose the annual action program to the Board of Administrators, and to enable AID to benefit from the expertise of its members and external experts in the technical, legal and economic fields.


The primary aim of the work carried out is to arrive at a shared understanding between the State, regulators and professionals of the conditions of application of the DGA regulation and the SREN law (Loi de Sécurisation et de Régulation de l’Espace Numérique) for data intermediation and data holders/users, in conjunction with the Direction Générale des Entreprises of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance and Arcep.


The actions carried out in this area will initially focus on documenting existing and potential  business models for data intermediaries, as well as for data holders/users in the context of data spaces.

It should be noted that these actions are carried out within a strict deontological framework, respecting in particular the anti-competitive rules set out in the association’s internal regulations.


Because security in terms of data exchanges and transactions relies in particular on interoperability, we felt it useful and necessary to identify the formats and work being carried out in the various data spaces, and to organize the monitoring of these and associated best practices. Based on this preliminary identification work, we will then invest in those of greatest interest to the association’s members, in conjunction with the expertise of the Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC), Gaia-X and the Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT).



AID strives to cultivate a thriving ecosystem for innovative data intermediation initiatives in order to accelerate the global growth of the data economy. To achieve this, AID welcomes all professional players in data intermediation within 4 colleges.

Data intermediation provider

The users

Technology partners

Associate members

Do you represent a company or an association involved in data intermediation? Are you a data owner/user, technology provider, research institute, academic or other?

Join the AID movement

And contribute to the development of economic and social values, based on data, transparency and security.

Once we’ve received your message, we’ll get in touch with you to arrange a meeting so that we can get to know you better and present the association’s activities.