Association for Data Intermediation (AID)

AID is an association whose mission is to help define the strategy and contribute to the political choices of activities relating to intermediation and data spaces.

It brings together the professional players in data intermediation in France and Europe.


To accelerate the creation of economic and social value through data intermediation.

Our requirement: respect for three essential principles:


to reassure data producers.


to guarantee the proper use of data in confidence


to govern data accessibility and technological interoperability

“As chairman of AID, I will be keen to share France’s successful experiences of data intermediation at European level. Success stories that combine trust, transparency, security and sovereignty.”

Sébastien Picardat Chairman of AID, CEO Agdatahub

For trust, transparency and security in data transactions

Arcep gives the go-ahead for the labelling of Data Intermediation Service Providers

07 June 2024

Data intermediaries : Agdatahub, Hub One DataTrust and MiTrust officially entered on the European register

04 June 2024

Generative AI: data intermediaries as guarantors of a balanced and ethical data market

08 April 2024

A world and a Europe of data1

1 SourceEuropean Commission website, consulted on 03/12/2023


increase in global data volume (from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175 zettabytes in 2025)

829 billions data-driven

market in Europe (EU-27) compared with €301 billion (2.4 % of EU GDP) in 2018.